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Friday, 31 August 2012

In Conference

*unlock* *slide* *click*

"How's it going?"
"Is the coast clear enough?"
"Is your boss gone for the day?"

I put down my handheld mirror and got up from my seat, making my way to the glass door with a little spring in my steps.

A press on the exit button released the catch and I pulled the glass door back to welcome Prince Al. He looked unsure of where to go so I lapsed into the usual routine of showing visitors to the respective rooms. He picked the conference room (over my desk!) and we headed to last the room at the end of the corridor. Coincidentally, he chose to sit down at my usual seat at the end of the conference table and that certainly brought a smile to my lips. I leaned in for a kiss that resulted in us attacking each others' lips. He began removing his trousers and I knelt in front of his erected crown jewels, taking his swollen dick into my hand and mouth. While I eat his sausage, he moaned softly with pleasure.

"I am ready." We looked down at my attire - I was wearing pants! So I had to kick off my heels and pull off my trousers and pink lacy panties. He immediately reached for my already-wet pussy before I even removed my trousers completely. Sigh, that feels very good...

What's even better was him plunging his dick into my pussy from behind. I was still quite tight so although he was very keen to pump me hard, he took a few moments to thrust into me slowly and picked up speed gradually. That felt so shiok and I reached behind with my right hand because I wanted to massage his butt. But he held on to my wrists instead, but that felt quite kinky as well haha

He guided me forward and I leaned on the table top while he continued ramming himself into me. The speed picked up and so did my moans. Eventually he ejaculated, but I would have liked the session to be longer ;p


  1. Fuxk, ur lunches r soooo hot! Would love to see more, of his dick inside u, n of his cum ooozing out... Yum!!!

  2. great shots!! made me hard!! keep up the great work......

  3. any drips on the office table?

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  5. I am now very jealous of Prince Al.

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