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Friday, 10 August 2012

Beach Part 2- the Prince and Aal

The Queen of Bunz has asked me for my thoughts of our trysts so far, and lying by the beach by her side this Friday afternoon, I have to admit its not too hard to turn my attentions to how shapely her ass is, as well as how much I'd like to pull that bikini bottom to one side and slide my thick hard rod in.

But first things first- perhaps i'll share how I'm going to fuck her in a few moments time..

Now, I've had the great pleasure of having my cock sucked by her, and I must admit its quite a pleasure- watching her worship my rod with her lips, tongue and hands is really quite an experience, and I'll expect her to do the same again in order to earn the hard fucking she wants from me later. In fact , I might even let myself cum on her face, given I'm sure looking at how that looks will get me quickly hard again..

I'll leave it to her to tell you more about how she rode my cock after that..

Pleasant reading, boys and girls
Prince Al


  1. i was there on friday too, should have seen you :) great weather that day. hot stuff.

  2. Which part of the beach were you at? ;)

  3. Your butt being shapely is an understatement.