Love is for fools~

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I don't have big tits like the other female bloggers whom you guys follow, but I am still amazed that I do get food stuck in my clothes whenever there's a food fight! This time is a peanut shell, the last time was French fries! :( I had to do my belly dance moves to wriggle them out haha ;p Would have been nice to have someone reach into my top to help me out, and maybe give my boobs a squeeze too ;)


  1. i don't mind helping you with that trouble. but what would be nicer is that if i'm the food instead xD

  2. i'll give your nips a pinch as well. maybe use the stray fly to stroke your nips to make them hard!

  3. how about having a sausage stuck in your top? =) i'd give your nips a pinch!

  4. love your lips by the way... very sexy and wish they were wrapped around my throbbing manhood! LoL

    1. I like sausages! The kind that has a mind of its own when I use my hands and mouth to play with it ;) So I would rather have that sausage in my mouth than in my blouse x

  5. did anyone ever tell you that your lips are extremely luscious?