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Thursday, 10 May 2012

My American Toy Boy~ (Part 2)

Zouk was never my cup of tea but because American Toy Boy and his pals wanted to do something touristy, I'm gamed for it. We met at 11.30pm on Saturday outside the club and although the boy looked like he didn't mind taking a bite out of me, he was still quite decent. He gave a big wet kiss with a little tongue as he put his arm around my waist and gathered me into him. The night involved booze, dancing, kissing, touching, a little groping but still quite PG. We arranged to meet on Sunday afternoon because he will be leaving on Monday and he wanted to spend as much time with me as possible.

We had a late lunch at the bak kut teh stall at Clark Quay on Sunday because his hostel was around the corner. He looked so cute trying to learn to use chopsticks and Mandarin as well. We did more touristy things and the day flew by. We had so much fun together that we couldn't bear the thought that we probably would never see each other again. It was 11pm-ish when he asked if I want to be more intimate with him, but he qualified that because he lived in a hostel, there won't be any privacy there.

"Yes, I would love to. Why don't we get a room elsewhere?" I said, with twinkling eyes and a smile. "Really?? Ok, let me quickly get some cash back at the hostel!" The boy responded with excitement. In order not the waste a single nano-second, we jumped onto a cab and that brought us to Hotel 81 at Chinatown.

I have not been to that outlet before and the ones I'd been to never asked for my ID, so I was surprised when I needed to produce my ID. We had a laugh over my photo but that sure didn't dampen his eagerness. The room we had was the best I've been to - although there wasn't much circulation space, a large mirror from wall-to-wall made up for it. After setting down our belongings and accessories, he took off his singlet to reveal a sculptured body with a six-pack! Yummy!

He pulled me in to kiss me while he undressed me while we were still standing by the foot of the bed. His eyes travelling from my breasts to my curvy hip and down to my shaved pussy. His gaze shifted to the mirror and after admiring my firm butt cheeks, he gave them a slap and groped them with both his hands!

I sat down on the edge of the bed and started to undo his belt and jeans. The sight that greeted me next was spectacular! He was already hard and his dick was by far the longest and thickest among those I had my hands on. I was a little taken aback, but what the hell! As his jeans fell at his ankles, I wrapped both my hands around his manhood and put my lips around the tip to taste it. He moaned with pleasure as I started licking the base of his dick up to its tip while I held his gaze. I took it into my mouth hungrily and used my naughty tongue to tease him while I continue stroking his balls. My tongue swirled around and it gave him a sensation so good that he rolled back his eyes and let out another moan.

He pulled me up and pushed me onto the bed. He wasted no time pushing my knees apart and he dived straight towards my pussy. Now it's his turn to tease me with his tongue! His tongue flicked around my petals while he fondled my boobs and played with my nipples, which had perked up when he went down on me. What he was doing down there sent a tinkling sensation up my spine and I let out a sigh as I smiled at him. He brought himself up and kissed my lips with plenty of tongue. Then he went for my left nip while he cupped and massaged my right boob, and he inserted a finger into my already-wet pussy. Awwww here's a man who can multi-tak and that felt sooooo GOOD~

He couldn't bear anymore so he reached for a condom and put it on. I was a little concerned because he is big... I had other experiences where I felt my insides being rearranged even when the men weren't this big. But my worries were unjustified!

He pushed himself in slowly missionary-style in order to warm me up. He felt that I was still very tight so he caressed the side of my face and told me to relax. He entered me all the way till his penis hit my cervix wall but I still wasn't able to take his whole length! He gradually picked up speed and since I was quite wet, I didn't experience any unpleasantness. My legs were resting on his strong shoulders and he reached for my left tit to fondle. It added to my pleasure because I enjoyed what I saw in the mirror to my left.

Before he climaxed, he pulled himself out and told me he wanted to do me doggy-style. As I got into position, he caressed both my butt cheeks while pushing his dick into me once again. I looked into the mirror and saw his face - he looked as if he was high with estasy and that totally turned me on to see my man enjoying himself so much. He met my eyes and started pounding me harder and faster. He cummed shortly after. He withdrew himself and I pulled off the condom and licked him clean :)

It was past 1am after we finished getting dressed and checked out. We hopped onto a taxi and I dropped him off at his hostel. Throughout the short journey he had his arm around me and I was resting my head at the base of his neck. He kissed me before he alighted from the cab and we said our farewells. The exercise earlier on gave me a good few hours of sleep and I stayed perked up for the rest of the first working day of the year.

I thought that was the last I'd seen of American Toy Boy, but it turned out differently. More body fluids exchanged cumming up~ x


  1. Lovely story. Lucky American boy. :)

  2. Nasty... real nasty! Esp the part where you licked him clean. LoL! Liked the story though. Love the tan lines on your tight body even more.

    1. Thanks Kai, I m surprised that you liked the tan lines - I thought Singaporean men generally like fair girls ;)
      Toy boy's dick tasted of plastic, so not that yummy :p

  3. actually the tan lines are definitely lkg yummy...can i be yr singaporean toy boy please?

  4. you mean his dick tasted like a dildo??