Love is for fools~

Friday, 4 May 2012


Kudos to the 5% of the guys out there who prefers ass, I love mine a lot too ;)

To the 28% of my readers, you just can't wait to see me do the full money right? ;p

As requested by 66% of the voters, my nips says: HELLO!!! x


  1. awww, u shld reveal them! they r crying to be let out! xD

  2. Actually, I kinda like your thighs..reminds me of Chun Li. Can u spread like her? :)

  3. I see two nice lick-able nips there.... Any ass shots from this photo taking session? I know my member would enjoy what that sexy thong panty you are wearing was doing in the rear. Nothing quiet like the rear view of the crotch strap of a thong wedged between a pair of perfect ass cheeks.

  4. You should take a photo with the best of the previous shots - a mirror, toned ass and legs, perky nipples and slutty shoes! Frame it in a sexy a story.

    I don't see how any Singaporean sex(y) blog will be able to top that!

    1. Maybe you can give me some ideas to get my creative juices (and somewhere else too) flowing x
      Which other sex(y) blogs do you follow?

  5. Hello indeed. :)

  6. Pretty...what's that white cable running along your thigh??

  7. Well HELLO THERE! =) Still love your ass more btw. They are magnificent!

  8. ass or breasts? I'll take any of the two or both any day of the month of the year! hello beautiful!

  9. nice one sister! if i can grab it from behind =p