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Thursday, 3 May 2012

My American Toy Boy~ (Part 1)

I met a girl friend for lunch today at the bah kut teh stall at Clark Quay after my meeting at The Central. That place brought back memories that made me smiled as I drank the peppery soup. I met this cute American boy on the last day of 2010, no, actually it was the wee hours of the first day of 2011...

My girl friend and I had a taxing but adventurous trip to KK in Dec 2010 and we finally made it back to Singapore in one piece on 31 Dec. We were relatively tired on the plane hence we didn't make any plans to hit any countdown parties happening around town. However, as the cab we shared drew near to her place, I couldn't help but asked her: "Should we really stay home and do nothing on the eve of the last day of the year?" Upon seeing the desire in my eyes to go out, she said: "That would be pathetic, let's just go out." Needless to say, I flew home and got ready in record time and we hit Clark Quay.

We'd always enjoyed listening to the band at The Highlander, so we went there without checking out any of the other bars or clubs. It was fast approaching midnight when we got there, so we quickly downed a drink and hit the dance floor. Everyone there were so high and friendly so we followed suit. We've had an eventful year so we couldn't wait a single second more for the year to come to an end and for the new one to begin with a bang! As the clock striked twelve, we cheered and many blew their whistles and pulled their little confetti cannons (jeez someone threw his in my direction and it nearly hit my eye) to celebrate the arrival of a better year!! The atmosphere at Highlander was even more lively and the band continued singing~

We continued to dance for a bit before heading to the bar to pick up a drink. We brought the drinks to one of the tables at the front near the stage in order to be closer to the heart of action. Then I felt someone set his drink at our table but I didn't mind sharing. A few other youngsters (male and female) of various nationalities joined this Brit boy and even brought a bucket of beer along. I thought this Brit boy was only alright-looking, but I still flashed him a sweet smile since I was in a charitable mood. His girlfriend (an African girl perhaps who's rather big-boned and had a head full of braids) came up from behind him and put her arm around his neck. Fine by me, I wasn't that charmed, sista.

But the next person who came up to this Brit Boy was gorgeous... Haha perfect white teeth, smooth skin, lean but definitely had a very defined body and a diamond stud in BOTH his ears). Although it was noisy in the pub, I was definitely mesmerized by his voice and his million-watt smile. He asked if he could get a drink of my friend and I, and we moved to the bar area near the entrance. It was quieter so at least we could chat a bit. As the hour went by, he seemed more and more into me, so he asked me to write my contact number and email address o a napkin. Old-school and tacky, but I was enjoying myself too much to care. We took turns buying each other drinks (by then he had already ditched his friends and my girl friend was dancing with someone else) and we hit the dance floor again after several rounds. Of course there were wet kisses and hugs and gropping (fun, rough and gentle ones). I was wearing 4-inch heels but I was only able to rest my head on his toned chest when he pulled me close and rested his hands on my firm ass. Soon it was nearly dawn so he walked my friend and I to the MRT to catch the first train and even bought me a rose as a first gift of the year.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face, because this seemed to be promising start to the new year and I thought he was a god-sent gift ;) Little did I know the extent of our little rendezvous ;p He really contacted me several hours later and asked if I was free to join him and his friend at Zouk. I was game for it of course, so I joined the same group of friends whom I saw hours ago to Zouk and partied the night away~

Juicier parts coming up in Part Two x

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  1. Love the tan lines. Such a turn on! Imagining your lips wrapped around my throbbing manhood... and looking forward to the juicier part.=P