Love is for fools~

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Police Raid

We held my friend's hen's night at a KTV that offers specials during the weeknights but is a clean place over the weekends. We were having a blast singing ourselves hoarse when a plainclothes police knocked on our door.

"This is a routine check. Please proceed to the centre stage." A police raid!!! My first ever!! Jeez do my group look like we prostitutes?!?

Thank goodness all was good after we handed over our ID for them to take down our details and we returned to our room to sing the night away~ x


  1. Thks god you re alright! are you ready to meet and greet session with all your fans now sister?

  2. well, as long as you're not "dressed" as you are in the should be fine..;)

  3. what? no strippers? no getting the hen laid????? no public BJs???? hehehe